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Name: Lawrence M. Fagan

Elected ACMI Fellow: 1985



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Selected Publications:

Shankar RD, Tu SW, Martins SB, Fagan LM, Goldstein MK, Musen MA. Integration
of textual guideline documents with formal guideline knowledge bases. Proc AMIA
Symp. 2001:617-21.

Pratt W, Fagan L. The usefulness of dynamically categorizing search results. J
Am Med Inform Assoc. 2000 Nov-Dec;7(6):605-17.                                                                  

Dugan JM, Berrios DC, Liu X, Kim DK, Kaizer H, Fagan LM. Automation and
integration of components for generalized semantic markup of electronic medical
texts. Proc AMIA Symp. 1999:736-40.

Berrios DC, Kehler A, Fagan LM. Knowledge requirements for automated inference
of medical textbook markup. Proc AMIA Symp. 1999:676-80.

Ketting CH, Austin-Seymour M, Kalet I, Jacky J, Kromhout-Schiro S, Hummel S,
Unger J, Fagan LM, Griffin T. Automated planning target volume generation: an
evaluation pitting a computer-based tool against human experts. Int J Radiat
Oncol Biol Phys. 1997 Feb 1;37(3):697-704.                                                                      

Acuff RD, Fagan LM, Rindfleisch TC, Levitt BJ, Ford PM. Lightweight, mobile
E-mail for intra-clinic communication. Proc AMIA Annu Fall Symp. 1997:729-33.

Poon AD, Fagan LM, Shortliffe EH. The PEN-Ivory project: exploring
user-interface design for the selection of items from large controlled
vocabularies of medicine. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 1996 Mar-Apr;3(2):168-83.                                      

Strain JJ, Felciano RM, Seiver A, Acuff R, Fagan L. Optimizing physician
access to surgical intensive care unit laboratory information through mobile
computing. Proc AMIA Annu Fall Symp. 1996:812-6.

Musen MA, Wieckert KE, Miller ET, Campbell KE, Fagan LM. Development of a
controlled medical terminology: knowledge acquisition and knowledge
representation. Methods Inf Med. 1995 Mar;34(1-2):85-95.                                                        

Miller ET, Wieckert KE, Fagan LM, Musen MA. The development of a controlled
medical terminology: identification, collaboration, and customization. Medinfo.
1995;8 Pt 1:148-52.                                                                                             

Ketting CH, Austin-Seymour MM, Kalet IJ, Jacky JP, Kromhout-Schiro SE, Hummel
SM, Unger JM, Fagan LM. Evaluation of an expert system producing geometric solids as output. Proc Annu Symp Com\
put Appl Med Care. 1995:683-7.

Detmer WM, Shiffman S, Wyatt JC, Friedman CP, Lane CD, Fagan LM. A
continuous-speech interface to a decision support system: II. An evaluation using
a Wizard-of-Oz experimental paradigm. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 1995

Shiffman S, Detmer WM, Lane CD, Fagan LM. A continuous-speech interface to a
decision support system: I. Techniques to accommodate for misrecognized input. J
Am Med Inform Assoc. 1995 Jan-Feb;2(1):36-45.                                                                   

Poon AD, Fagan LM. PEN-Ivory: the design and evaluation of a pen-based
computer system for structured data entry. Proc Annu Symp Comput Appl Med Care.

Wulfman CE, Rua M, Lane CD, Shortliffe EH, Fagan LM. Graphical access to
medical expert systems: V. Integration with continuous-speech recognition.
Methods Inf Med. 1993 Feb;32(1):33-46.                                                                          

Isaacs E, Wulfman CE, Rohn JA, Lane CD, Fagan LM. Graphical access to medical
expert systems: IV. Experiments to determine the role of spoken input. Methods
Inf Med. 1993 Feb;32(1):18-32.                                                                                  

Rutledge GW, Thomsen GE, Farr BR, Tovar MA, Polaschek JX, Beinlich IA,
Sheiner LB, Fagan LM. The design and implementation of a ventilator-management
advisor. Artif Intell Med. 1993 Feb;5(1):67-82.                                                                 

Polaschek JX, Rutledge GW, Andersen SK, Fagan LM. Using belief networks to
interpret qualitative data in the ICU. Respir Care. 1993 Jan;38(1):60-71. Review.                               

Wyatt JC, Detmer WM, Fagan LM. Design and evaluation of multimedia stimuli to
evoke clinical concepts. Proc Annu Symp Comput Appl Med Care. 1993:834-8.

Tuttle MS, Sherertz DD, Fagan LM, Carlson RW, Cole WG, Schipma PB, Nelson SJ.
Toward an interim standard for patient-centered knowledge-access. Proc Annu Symp
Comput Appl Med Care. 1993:564-8.

Campbell KE, Wieckert K, Fagan LM, Musen MA. A computer-based tool for
generation of progress notes. Proc Annu Symp Comput Appl Med Care. 1993:284-8.

Shiffman S, Lane CD, Johnson KB, Fagan LM. The integration of a
continuous-speech-recognition system with the QMR diagnostic program. Proc Annu
Symp Comput Appl Med Care. 1992:767-71.

Poon AD, Johnson KB, Fagan LM. Augmented transition networks as a
representation for knowledge-based history-taking systems. Proc Annu Symp Comput
Appl Med Care. 1992:762-6.

Johnson K, Poon A, Shiffman S, Lin R, Fagan L. A history-taking system that
uses continuous speech recognition. Proc Annu Symp Comput Appl Med Care.

Musen MA, Carlson RW, Fagan LM, Deresinski SC, Shortliffe EH. T-HELPER:
automated support for community-based clinical research. Proc Annu Symp Comput
Appl Med Care. 1992:719-23.

27: Peverini RL, Sale M, Rhine WD, Fagan LM, Lenert LA. Anticoagulation therapy
advisor: a decision-support system for heparin therapy during ECMO. Proc Annu
Symp Comput Appl Med Care. 1992:567-71.

Kahn MG, Tu S, Fagan LM. TQuery: a context-sensitive temporal query language.
Comput Biomed Res. 1991 Oct;24(5):401-19.                                                                       

Kahn MG, Fagan LM, Sheiner LB. Combining physiologic models and symbolic
methods to interpret time-varying patient data. Methods Inf Med. 1991

Kahn MG, Fagan LM, Tu S. Extensions to the time-oriented database model to
support temporal reasoning in medical expert systems. Methods Inf Med.

Rutledge G, Thomsen G, Farr B, Tovar M, Sheiner L, Fagan L. VentPlan: a
ventilator-management advisor. Proc Annu Symp Comput Appl Med Care. 1991:869-71.

Tovar MA, Rutledge GW, Lenert LA, Fagan LM. The design of a user interface
for a ventilator-management advisor. Proc Annu Symp Comput Appl Med Care.

Broering NC, Bagdoyan H, Fagan D, Hylton J, Guttmann R. Medical Facts File: a
self service database of reference information. Proc Annu Symp Comput Appl Med
Care. 1991:886-8.

Shortliffe EH, Fagan LM. Research training in medical informatics: the
Stanford experience. Acad Med. 1989 Oct;64(10):575-8.                                                           

Shwe MA, Tu SW, Fagan LM. Validating the knowledge base of a therapy planning
system. Methods Inf Med. 1989 Jan;28(1):36-50.                                                                  

Langlotz CP, Shortliffe EH, Fagan LM. A methodology for generating
computer-based explanations of decision-theoretic advice. Med Decis Making. 1988

Walton JD, Musen MA, Combs DM, Lane CD, Shortliffe EH, Fagan LM. Graphical
access to medical expert systems: III. Design of a knowledge acquisition
environment. Methods Inf Med. 1987 Jul;26(3):78-88.                                                             

Langlotz CP, Fagan LM, Tu SW, Sikic BI, Shortliffe EH. A therapy planning
architecture that combines decision theory and artificial intelligence
techniques. Comput Biomed Res. 1987 Jun;20(3):279-303.                                                          

Musen MA, Rohn JA, Fagan LM, Shortliffe EH. Knowledge engineering for a
clinical trial advice system: uncovering errors in protocol specification. Bull
Cancer. 1987;74(3):291-6.  

Modeling the relationship between search terms in clinical queries. 
Zeiger RF, Stave CD, Schmitzberger F, Fagan LM. 
AMIA Annu Symp Proc. 2005:1167. 

Computer-based documentation: effect on parent and physician satisfaction during a 
pediatric health maintenance encounter. 
Johnson KB, Serwint JR, Fagan LM, Thompson RE, Wilson MH. 
Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2005 Mar;159(3):250-4. 

Methods for semi-automated indexing for high precision information retrieval. 
Berrios DC, Cucina RJ, Fagan LM. 
J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2002 Nov-Dec;9(6):637-52.


Main title:Medical informatics : computer applications in health care / Edward H. Shortliffe, Leslie E. 
Perreault, editors ; Gio Wiederhold, Lawrence M. Fagan, associate editors. 
Published/Created:Reading, Mass. : Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., c1990.

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