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Name: James J. Cimino, MD

Elected ACMI Fellow: 1992. President ACMI 2011-2012.


Degrees: Sc.B. Biology, Brown University 1977; MD, New York Medical College 1981

Current Position: Chief of the Laboratory for Clinical Informatics Development at the NIH Clinical Center; Senior Scientist, Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communication, National Library of Medicine; Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Informatics, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, co-chair of the HL-7 Vocabulary Technical Committee

Current email: ciminoj@mail.nih.gov

Professional Affiliations: American Clinical and Climatological Association

Professional Activities:

Honors and Awards: Priscilla M. Mayden Award for Excellence in Medical Informatics, University of Utah

Elected American College of Physicians, 1998

President's Award, AMIA, 2002

Elected New York Academy of Medicine 2006

NIH Clinical Center Director’s Award, 2009

Other Works:

Other Information:

Curriculum Vitae: Columbia biography (2010)

Selected Publications:

Cimino JJ, Munson PJ, Lewis T, Rodbard D: Graphical Display of Patient
Data Using a Desk-Top Computer, in Heffernan HG, ed.: Proceedings of
the Fifth Annual Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care;
Washington, D.C.; October, 1981:1085-1088.

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system: application development using the World Wide Web. Journal of
the American Medical Informatics Association; 1995;2(5):273-284.

Cimino JJ. Linking patient information systems to bibliographic
resources. Methods of Information in Medicine; 1996;35(2):122-126.

Cimino JJ. Beyond the Superhighway: Exploiting the Internet with
Medical Informatics. Journal of the American Medical Informatics
Association; 1997;4:279-284.

Cimino JJ. Desiderata for controlled medical vocabularies in the
Twenty-First Century. Methods of Information in Medicine;

Cimino JJ. From data to knowledge through concept-oriented
terminologies: experience with the Medical Entities
Dictionary. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association;

Cimino JJ, Patel VL, Kushniruk AW. The Patient Clinical Information
System (PatCIS): technical solutions for and experience with giving
patients access to their electronic medical records. International
Journal of Medical Informatics; 2002; 68:111-127.

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Journal of Medicine. 2005;352(9):860-2.

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language processing and controlled terminologies. Stud Health Technol
Inform. 2007;129(Pt 1):679-83.

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M. The caBIG Terminology Review Process. Journal of Biomedical
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of a Large Ontology for an Academic Medical Center. Journal of
Biomedical Informatics; 2009 Jun;42(3):494-503).

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AM, Field L, Morin PC, Goland R, Izquierdo RE, Ebner S, Silver S,
Petkova E, Kong J, Eimicke JP; for the IDEATel Consortium. A
Randomized Trial Comparing Telemedicine Case Management with Usual
Care in Older, Ethnically Diverse, Medically Underserved Patients with
Diabetes Mellitus: 5 Year Results of the IDEATel Study. Journal of the
American Medical Informatics Association. 2009;16(4):446-56.

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National Institutes of Health. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2010;160(Pt

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Come of Age. Methods of Information in Medicine; 2011;50,2:101-104.

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Open Biological Ontologies, JBI, 2010

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Biomedical Terminologie, JBI, 2009

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Language System to discover potential terminological relationship,
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by Clinician Typ, JAMIA, 2009

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research dat, AMIA, 2009

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of Online Decision Suppor, AMIA, 2008

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the purpose of information retrieva, AMIA, 2008

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th, AMIA, 2008

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AMIA, 2007

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of Car, ACCA, 2007

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Med, 2006

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2005 Rome Conferenc, JBI, 2006

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Us, SCAMC, 2003

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Handheld Clinical Informaiton Syste, SCAMC, 2003

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Using Clinical Information System Log File, SCAMC, 2003

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Patient Communicaito, SCAMC, 2001

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Inpatient Physicians and Nurse, SCAMC, 2001

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Measure Efficacy of Individualized Web-Based Educatio, SCAMC, 2001

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SCAMC, 2001

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LOINC Semantic Structure as a Terminology Mode, SCAMC, 2001

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Standard Classification using OpenGALE, SCAMC, 2001

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Individualized Health Communication, SCAMC, 2001

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Additional Media:
"Reuse of Clinical Health Records: Caveat Inquisitor"

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