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Name: Homer R. Warner, MD, Ph.D.

Elected ACMI Fellow: 1984. President ACMI 1988-1990. Morris Collen Award, 1995

Years: 1922-2012

Degrees: BS Zoology; MD University of Utah, 1949; PhD Physiology University of Minnesota 1954.

Professional Affiliations:

Professional Activities:

Honors and Awards: Elected IOM 1988

Homer Warner Wing of IHC Medical Center, Utah

Homer Warner Center for Informatics Research, Salt Lake City, Utah

Object Management Group give the Homer Warner Award in his honor.

Other Works: Founder and editor, Computers and Biomedical Research, 1968-1992.

Other Information: Wrote time-sharing operating system for CDC3200, 1965.

ACMI Obituary Notice

Curriculum Vitae:

Selected Publications:

Medical informatics: a real discipline?" HR Warner, J Am Med Inform Assoc 1995; 2(4):207-214

An event model of medical information representation" SM Huff, RA Rocha, BE Bray, HR Warner
and PJ Huang.  J Am Med Infor Assoc 1995;2(2):116-134

Warner HR. Medical informatics: application of computers to
medical science. JAMA 1961.  Referenced in: Plenk HP, ed. Medicine in the Beehive
State 1940-1990. Salt Lake City, UT: Utah Medical Association,

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of medical decision making, 1959-1982: computer-aided diagnosis and clinical decision analysis.
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Warner HR, Woolley FR, Kane RL. Computer assisted instruction for teaching clinical decision-making.
Comput Biomed Res. 1974;7:564-74.

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consultant to teach differential diagnosis. In: Proceedings of
the 12th Symposium for Computer Applications in Medical
Care, Washington, DC. New York: IEEE Computer Society
Press, 1988:371-6.

Warner HR, Olmsted CM, Rutherford BD. HELP: a program
for medical decision making. Comput Biomed Res. 1972;5:65-                                                                    

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system. In: Blum BI, ed. Information Systems for Patient Care.
New York: Springer-Verlag, 1984:109-28.

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in infectious diseases and antibiotic use. MD Comput. 1991;                                                                   
8(5):282-S, 315.

Using a diabetes data mart in individualizing diabetes management.
Al-sheikh YT, Haug PJ, Wong A, Warner HR, Morris AH, Sward K.
AMIA Annu Symp Proc. 2008 Nov 6:1180.
PMID: 18999166

Evaluation and comparison of IV insulin-treatment protocols using data from critically ill patients in the ICU.
Wong A, Al-sheikh YT, Warner HR, Haug PJ, Sward KA, Morris AH.
AMIA Annu Symp Proc. 2008 Nov 6:1178.
PMID: 18999145

An electronic protocol for translation of research results to clinical practice: a preliminary report.
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J Diabetes Sci Technol. 2008 Sep;2(5):802-8.
PMID: 19885263

A replicable method for blood glucose control in critically Ill patients.
Morris AH, Orme J Jr, Truwit JD, Steingrub J, Grissom C, Lee KH, Li GL, Thompson BT, Brower R, Tidswell M, 
Bernard GR, Sorenson D, Sward K, Zheng H, Schoenfeld D, Warner H.
Crit Care Med. 2008 Jun;36(6):1787-95.
PMID: 18520641

Clinicians' perceptions about use of computerized protocols: a multicenter study.
Phansalkar S, Weir CR, Morris AH, Warner HR.
Int J Med Inform. 2008 Mar;77(3):184-93. Epub 2007 Apr 3.
PMID: 17409016

Finance. Code breakers.
Warner H Jr.
Health Serv J. 2004 Apr 22;114(5902):44. No abstract available.
PMID: 15129644

Cognitive evaluation of the predictors of use of computerized protocols by clinicians.
Satsangi S, Weir CR, Morris AH, Warner HR.
AMIA Annu Symp Proc. 2003:574-8.
PMID: 14728238

Warner HR, Toronto AF, Veasly LG, Stephenson R. A mathematical
approach to medical diagnosis. Application to congenital heart
disease. JAMA. 1961 Jul 22;177:177b

Warner HR, Budkin A. A "link trainer" for the coronary care
unit. Comput Biomed Res. 1968 Oct;2(2):135b


Computer-Assisted Medical Decision Making, 1970

Doctor is in, 1970

Knowledge Engineering in Health Informatics, 1997

Additional Media:
Short video biography (from youtube)

Warner-extra1.jpg Warner-extra2.jpg

Journal of American Medical Informatics Association Mar/Apr 1995, "Presentation of the Morris F. Collen Award to Homer R. Warner, MD, PhD, 'Why Not? Let's Do It!'", by Paul D. Clayton, PhD, pp 137-142. Online version

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