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Name: Gio Wiederhold, PhD

Elected ACMI Fellow: 1984


Degrees: Ph.D Medical Information Science, UC San Francisco 1976

Current Position: Professor Emeritus, Depts. of Computer Science, Stanford

Current email:

Professional Affiliations: American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI, 1987-1997) American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS, since 1967) American Association for Medical Informatics (AMIA, since 1982) Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL, since 1974-1990) Association for Computing Machinery (ACM, since 1960) American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA, 1961-1990) ASTM Section 13 Standards Development (1985-1988) Combustion Institute (1960-1990) IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS, since 1966) Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE, since 1985) The Institute of Management Science (TIMS, 1975-1989)

Professional Activities:

Honors and Awards: 1968 Who's Who in America. 1974-1976 National Library of Medicine Fellowship. 1980-1984 Member, Health Care Technology Study Section, HRA-DHSS. 1981-1986 Chairman of the Board, Pacific Software, Berkeley. 1981-1984 Distinguished Lecturer, IEEE Computer Society. 1982 Program Chairman, IEEE Computer Society 2nd Symposium. on Reliability in Distributed Software and Database Systems. 1982-1986 Member, Editorial Board, IEEE Computer Magazine. 1985-1990 Member, Editorial Board, IEEE Expert Magazine. 1980-1983 Member, Panel to Study the Conduct of Basic Research in Computer Science and its Interaction with Applied Research and Development, NRC, National Academy of Science. 1982-1985 Member, Committee on Data Management and Computation, Space Sciences Board, NRC, National Academy of Science. 1982 Member, Data for Development International, Marseille, France. 1983-2001 Advisory Editor, M.D. Computing, Springer Verlag. 1984-1986 Chairman, Vice Chairman (1983), Executive Committee of the IEEE-CS Technical Committee on Database Engineering. 1984-1986 Program Co-Chairman, Program Chairman, General Chairman, IEEE Computer Society Data Engineering Conferences. 1984 Fellow, American College of Medical Informatics (ACMI). 1984 Service award, IEEE Computer Society for contributions to the Centennial Issue. 1984 Zertifikat, Medizinischer Informatiker, GDMS Koln and GI Bonn. 1985-1988 Advisory Committee Massachussets Inst. of Technology, Idaho National Energy Lab. Program. 1986 Who's Who in Artificial Intelligence. 1986-1999 IFIP Working Group 2.6 of Technical Commitee 2 for Data Models; continuing as Honorary Member. 1982-1992 Associate Editor, Editor-in-Chief, ACM TODS (Transactions on Database Systems). 1988 Group leader for 'Data Management and Access' Workshop to Develop Recommendations for the National Scientific Effort on AIDS Modeling and Epidemiology. 1988-1990 Member, Panel to Study the Computing Options for the Social Security System for the Year 2000, NRC, Nat.Acad. of Science. 1988-1991 Scientific Advisory Council, Foundation for Knowledge-Based Systems, The Netherlands. 1988 Medal of the University, University of Helsinki, Finland. 1988-present External Advisory Board, GMD-IPSI, Darmstadt, Germany. 1989-1998 ACM Publications Board, focusing on copyright and the digital library. 1990-present. Advisory Committee, IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, Japan. 1990-1991 Chairman, DoCommerce-JTEC Japanese Technology in Databases Assessment study. 1990-1995 Advisory panel, ARPA-Rome Laboratory Planning initiative. 1991 Fellow, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers(IEEE). 1991, May Erdos number 3, by publishing with Sushil Jajodia, 1987 <-- Yechezkel Zalcstein 1989, 1993 <-- Paul Erdos. All my coauthors are now Erdos 4 or less. 1992-1998 Member, ACM Publications Board, for electronic publishing. 1993 Recipient, ACM SIGMOD Contributions Award. 1993-1996 Board of Directors, National Center for Geographic Information & Analysis. 1994-present Member, Cosmos Club, Washington DC. 1994-2002 Member, Bioinfomatics Advisory Board, SmithKline-Beecham, London, GB, and Philadelphia PA 1994-1995 Member, Committee on Stanford Administrative Computing (C-SAC) 1995 Fellow, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). 1995 Stanford University Information Architecture Review Board. 1995 Visiting member, U.S. Air Force, Scientific Advisory Board, Information Technology. 1995-present Technical Advisory Board, Advanced Distributed Simulation. Inst.for Defense Analysis. 1995-1998 Technical Advisory Board, National Industrial Information Infrastructure Program (NIIIP). 1995-1998 Faculty member, Stanford Computer Industry Project, Stanford Graduate School of Business. 1995-1996 Member, Committee for Materials and Processes Research and the Information Highway, National Research Council, Washington DC. 1996-continuing Golden Core Member, IEEE Computer Society. 1996 -1999 Technical Advisory Board, NIST Consortium for Integrated Intelligent Manufacturing PLanning and EXecution (CIIMPLEX). 1996-1997 Program committee, CODATA/NIST National Conference on Data Integration and Data Exchange for Scientific and Technical Data, Dec 1997. 1996 Member, Program Committee VLDB-96, Bombay, Sept.3-6. 1997-2001 Member, New York Academy of Sciences. 1997-2003 Member, Technical Advisory Board, Center voor Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI), Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 1998, 1999, 2001 Member, review committees, Ecole Polytechnique Federale, Lausanne, Switzerland. 2000-2009 Member, Computer Science Department Advisory Board, Technical University, Munich, Germany. 2001 Visiting Member, Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, Panel on Database Migration. 2002-current Member, International Advisory Board, Elsevier Web Semantics: Science, Services and Agents on the World Wide Web journal, see the factsheet. 2005-2011 Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Lower Saxony Learning Center, Technical University, Hannover, Germany. 2008, February CiteSeer Citation count Computer Science = 2672 (2666 wiederhold -21 (not me) +29 Weiderhold -2 (not me) ) 2008, February Google Scholar Citation count All areas = 9259 (8868 G Wiederhold + 391 G Weiderhold) 2008-current National Associate, National Research Council of the National Academies. 2011, June Doctor of Science honoris causa, National University of Ireland, Galway. 2011, October U.S. representative for the Armstrong Siddeley branch of the Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust.

Other Works:

Other Information:

Curriculum Vitae: Stanford CV

Selected Publications:

Wiederhold, Gio: "Follow the Intellectual Property, How Offshoring IP
to Taxhavens Causes U.S. Job Losses. Communications of the ACM, Vol.54
No.1, Jan. 2010, pp.66-74.

Wiederhold, Gio: "What is your Software Worth" full version of a paper
which was published in the Communications of the ACM, Vol.49 No.9,
Sep. 2006, pp.65-75.

Lau, Gloria T., Kincho H. Law, and Gio Wiederhold: Government
Regulations Using Structural and Domain Information"; IEEE Computer,
Vol.38 No.12, Dec. 2005, pp 70:76.

Wiederhold, Gio: "Outsourcing as Export of Intellectual Property"; KD
(Knowledge Discovery) Nuggets, 10 March 2004,

Mitra, Prasenjit and Gio Wiederhold: "An Ontology-Composition
Algebra"; in S.Staab, R.Studer (eds.): Handbook on Ontologies,
Springer Series: International Handbooks on Information Systems, 2004,
pages 93-113.

Kerrigan, Shawn, Charles Heenan, Haoyi Wang, Kincho Law, and Gio
Wiederhold: "Regulatory Information Management and Compliance
Assistance"; NSF's National Conference on Digital Government Research
(dg.o2003) (under Panels/E-rulemaking), Boston, May 2003.

Wiederhold, Gio: "The Product Flow Model"; Proc. 15th Conf. on
Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (SEKE), Keynote 2, July
2003, Knowledge Systems Institute, Skokie, IL., pp. 183-186.

Wiederhold, Gio: "Obtaining Precision when Integrating Information";
in J.Filipe, Sharp, B. and Miranda, P. (Eds.), Enterprise Information
Systems III, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands,

Wang, James Ze, Jia Li, and Gio Wiederhold: "SIMPLIcity:
Semantics-sensitive Integrated Matching for Picture LIbraries"; IEEE
Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Vol.23,
No.9, Sep. 2001, pages 947-963.

Wiederhold, Gio: "Collaboration Requirements: A Point of Failure in
Protecting Information"; IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and
Cybernetics, Vol.31 No.4, July 2001, pp.336-342.

Liu, David, Kincho Law, and Gio Wiederhold: "CHAOS: An Active Security
Mediation System"; in B. Wangler and L. Bergman, Eds.: Advanced
Information Systems Engineering (CAISE 12), 5 - 9 June, 2000,
Stockholm, Sweden, Springer LNCS vol.1789, pp.232-246.

Mitra, Prasenjit, Gio Wiederhold and Martin Kersten: "A Graph-Oriented
Model for Articulation of Ontology Interdependencies"; Extending
DataBase Technologies, EDBT 2000, Konstanz, Germany, March 2000.

Keller, Arthur M., and Gio Wiederhold: " Penguin: Objects for
Programs, Relations for Persistence (html)"; in Roberto Zicari and
Akmal Chaudhri(eds.): Succeeding with Object Databases; Wiley, 2000,
pages 75-88; MS Word.

Gio Wiederhold: "Information Systems that Really Support
Decision-making"; presented at the 11th International Symposium on
Methodologies for Intelligent Systems (ISMIS), Warsaw Poland, June
1999, in Ras & Skowron Foundations for Intelligent Systems, Springer
LNAI 1609, pp. 56-66.

Neal Sample, Dorothea Beringer, Laurence Melloul, and Gio Wiederhold:
"CLAM: Composition Language for Autonomous Megamodules"; in Ciancarini
and Wolf: Coordination Models and Languages, Proc. of Coord99,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 1999, Springer LNCS 1594,

Gio Wiederhold: "Mediation to Deal with Heterogeneous Data Sources";
Vckovski, Brassel, and Schek: Interoperating Geographic Information
Systems, Springer LNCS 1580 (Proc. Interop'99, Zurich, March 1999),
Pages 1-16.

Chavez, Andrea, Catherine Tornabene, and Gio Wiederhold: "Software
Component Licensing Issues: A Primer"; IEEE Software, Vol.15 No.5,
Sept-Oct 1998, pp.47-52.

Gio Wiederhold: "Weaving Data into Information"; Database Programming
and Design; Freeman pubs, Sept. 1998, (Source).

Wang, James Ze, Jia Li, Gio Wiederhold, Oscar Firschein: "System for
Classifying Objectionable Websites"; Proceedings of the 5th
International Workshop on Interactive Distributed Multimedia Systems
and Telecommunication Services (IDMS'98), Thomas Plagemann and Vera
Goebel (Eds.), Oslo, Norway, 113-124, Springer-Verlag LNCS 1483,
September 1998.

Gio Wiederhold, Rushan Jiang, and Hector Garcia-Molina: "An Interface
for Projecting CoAs in Support of C2"; Proc. 1998 Command and Control
Research and Technology Symposium, Monterey CA, June 1998. An updated
version has been accepted for AFCEA.

James Ze Wang, Gio Wiederhold, and Oscar Firschein: "System for
Screening Objectionable Images Using Daubechies' Wavelets and Color
Histograms; Interactive Distributed Multimedia Systems and
Telecommunication Services, Proceedings of the Fourth European
Workshop (IDMS'97), Ralf Steinmetz and Lars C. Wolf (Eds.), Darmstadt,
Germany, Springer-Verlag LNCS 1309, September 1997.

Gio Wiederhold and Michael Genesereth: "Basis for Mediation" (updated
Sep. 1997); Proc. COOPIS'95 Conference, Vienna Austria, May 1995,
available from {}, pages 138-155; also edited

Gio Wiederhold and Michael Genesereth: "The Conceptual Basis for
Mediation Services"; IEEE Expert, Intelligent Systems and their
Applications, Vol.12 No.5, Sep-Oct 1997.

David A. Maluf, Gio Wiederhold, Ted Linden, and Priya Panchapagesan: "Mediation
to Implement Feedback in Training"; CrossTalk: Journal of Defense
Software Engineering, Software Technology Support Center, Department
of Defense, August 1997.

Wang, James Ze, Gio Wiederhold, Oscar Firschein, and Sha Xin Wei:
"Wavelet-Based Image Indexing Techniques with Partial Sketch Retrieval
Capability"; IEEE Advances in Digital Libraries (ADL-97), Library of
Congress, Washington, DC, 7 May 1997, pages 13-24.

Susan Malaika ( (chair): Panel on Databases
and the Internet"

Wiederhold, Gio (editor): Intelligent Integration of Information
(summary); Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston MA, July
1996. (Foreword); (Glossary);

Meikel Poess et al: High Performance and Scaleability Through
Associative Client-Side Caching, HPTS, 1997.

Wiederhold, Gio: "Dealing with Asynchrony in Technology Transfer";
abstract for a presentation given at EDBT, March 1996. Published in
P.Apers, M.Bouzeghoub, and G.Gardarin: Advances in Database Technology
-- EDBT'96; Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol.1057, Springer
Verlag 1996, pages 631-634.  The viewgraphs(ps) that were used.

Wiederhold, Gio, Michel Bilello, Vatsala Sarathy, and XiaoLei Qian: "A
Security Mediator for Health Care Information"; published in the
Proceedings of the 1996 AMIA (formely SCAMC) Conference, Oct. 1996,

Wiederhold, Gio, Michel Bilello, Vatsala Sarathy, and XioaLei Qian:
"Protecting Collaboration"; Proceedings of the NISSC'96 National
Information Systems Security Conference, pp. Oct. 1996, pp.561-569.

Qian, XioaLei, Gio Wiederhold, Michel Bilello, Andrea Chavez, and
Vatsala Sarathy: "Trusted Interoperation of Healthcare Information";
Stanford, 6 February 1996, abstract for the NSF Challenge workshop,
March 20-23, 1996.

Gio Wiederhold: Mediation in Information Systems; in Research
Directions in Software Engineering, ACM Comp.Surveys, Vol.27 No.2,
June 1995, pages 265-267.

Gio Wiederhold: Mediation and Software Maintenance; Technical Note
STAN-CS-TN-95-26; The full report pertaining to a paper: "Modeling for
Software System Maintenance"; a keynote presentation at the ER-OO
conference, Brisbane Australia, December 1995, published in Michael
P. Papazoglou (ed.): OOER'95: Object-Oriented and Entity Relationship
Modeling; Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 1021, pages
1-20; Proceedings, ER-OO conference, Brisbane Australia, December

Gio Wiederhold: Value-added Mediation; Proc. of the IFIP DS-6
Conference, to appear in Meersman(ed): Database Application Semantics,
Chapman and Hall, 1995. (Embedded postscript)

Gio Wiederhold: "On the Barriers and Future of Knowledge Discovery";
foreword to Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining; Fayyad,
Piatetsky-Shapiro, Smyth, Uthurusamy (eds), AAAI/MIT Press 1996,

Gio Wiederhold: "Objects and Domains for Managing Medical Knowledge";
Proceedings IMIA WG6 meeting, 1994; Methods of Information in Medicine
(MIM ), Schattauer Verlag, Vol.34, No.1, pages 1-7, Jun. 1995., with
Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3, Figure 4.

Gio Wiederhold: "Effective Information Transfer for Health Care,
Quality versus Quantity"; NII 2000 Workshop Notes, Computer Science
and Telecommunications Board, National Academy of Sciences, Washington
DC, May 1995.

Gio Wiederhold: "Digital Libraries, Value, and Productivity"; Com.ACM,
Vol.38 No.4, April 1995, pages 85-96.

Wiederhold, Gio and Yelena Yesha: "Dealing with Asynchrony in
Technology Transfer"; abstract for a presentation given at NIST, March

Shailesh Agarwal, Arthur M. Keller, Krishna Saraswat, and Gio
Wiederhold, "Flexible Relations: An Approach for Integrating Data from
Multiple, Possibly Inconsistent Databases," Int. Conf. on Data
Engineering, Taipei, Taiwan, March 1995.

Wiederhold, Gio: "Interoperation, Mediation, and Ontologies"; with the
associated slides; Proceedings International Symposium on Fifth
Generation Computer Systems (FGCSOB94), Workshop on Heterogeneous
Cooperative Knowledge-Bases, Vol.W3, pages 33-48, ICOT, Tokyo, Japan,
Dec. 1994.

I3 Program Participants: A vocabulary initiated at the November 1994
Intelligent Integration of Information (I3) Architecture workshop. It
is logically part of a larger Reference Architecture document,
maintained (1996) at the University of Colorado.

Wiederhold, Gio: "An Algebra for Ontology Composition"; with an
associated Figure; Proceedings of 1994 Monterey Workshop on Formal
Methods, Sept 1994.

Lee, Byung Suk and Gio Wiederhold: " Efficiently Instantiating
View-objects from Remote Relational Databases"; The VLDB Journal,
Vol.3 No.3, July 1994, pages 289-323.

Wiederhold, Gio and Xiaolei Qian: " Database Engineering"; in
J.J.~Marciniak: Encyclopedia of Software Engineering,
Wiley-Interscience, 1994, Vol.1, pages 269-282.

Lee, Byung S. and Gio Wiederhold: "Outer Joins and Filters for
Instantiating Objects from Relational Databases through Views"; IEEE
Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, Vol.6 No.1, pp. 108 -
119, February 1994.

Wiederhold, Gio, Stephen Cross, and Charles Channell: Supporting User
Productivity: Information Integration; IEEE Educational Video Tape
Slides (6 per page) covering two segments of the tape are available.

Wiederhold, Gio, and Stephen Cross: "Alternatives for Constructing
Computing Systems"; in Yamada, Kambayashi, and Ohta: Computers as Our
Better Partners, ACM Japan Symposium, World Scientific Book Co., March
1994, pages14-21.

Wiederhold, Gio: "From Data Engineering to Information Engineering";
Brief note on the continuum of databases and simulation, based on an
Extended Abstract for the IEEE Data Engineering Conference Keynote,
17Feb1994. Historical remarks have been removed.

Kyu-Young Whang, Sang-Wook Kim, and Gio Wiederhold: "Dynamic
Maintenance of Data Distribution for Selectivity Estimation"; VLDB
Journal, Vol.3 No.1, Jan.1994, pages 29-51.

Wiederhold, Gio: "The Role of Government in Standards"; ACM Standards
View, December 1993, pages 2-6; reviewed in ACM CR, 9202-121.

Wiederhold, Gio: "Intelligent Integration of Diverse Information";
Keynote presented at CIKM 92, November 1992.

Wiederhold, Gio: "Mediators in the Architecture of Future Information
Systems"; later published in IEEE Computer, March 1992, pages
38-49. Associated graphic figures are 3. Data and Knowledge Loops (ps)


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