Biomedical and Health Informatics Profile

K. C. Lun


Dr. Lun at the  Terracotta-Army Museum in Xian, China, 2004.

(Source: KC Lun)

Presentation of IMIA Lifetime Achievement Award to François Grémy, San Francisco 2004.  (left-to-right) Reinhold Haux, KC Lun, François Grémy, Casimir Kulikowski.  Dr. Lun was President of IMIA from 2001-2004.

(Source: KC Lun)

Dr. Lun was Director of both the University of Singapore’s Medical Informatics Programme and the World Health Organization’s Collaborating Centre for Health Informatics at the University of Singapore from 1996-2001 and 1990-2001 respectively.  After retiring from the University in 2006, Dr. Lun rejoined in 2011 as a Professorial Fellow for Health Informatics in the Department of Information Science, School of Computing.

(Source: KC Lun)

Part of the user interface of the “Cyberspace Hospital” project, begun in 1995 by Dr. Lun with other members of the University of Singapore Faculty of Medicine and the University’s Internet Research and Development Unit.  The interface used an analog to a hospital to organize a user’s visit, and  the information they were searching for.  A VRML-based 3-D version was also created.

(Source: Internet Society Proceedings, 1996.)

Dr. Lun in 1993, when national representative of Singapore in IMIA.  He organized the MEDINFO 89 conference in Singapore, and served as President of  IMIA  from 2001-2004.

(Source: IMiA Newsletter, September 1993)