Biomedical and Health Informatics Profile

Jan van Bemmel


Dr. van Bemmel (l) with KC Lun at MEDINFO 2001, where Dr. van Bemmel assumed the Presidency of IMIA.

(Source: KC Lun)

IMIA Board Meeting Dinner, Hannover, Germany 2000.  Left to right Jean-Raoul Scherrer, Mrs An van Bemmel, Ab Bakker,  Jan van Bemmel,  Charles Safran, Jean Roberts, Michael Huesing,  Steven Huesing

(Source: KC Lun)

Dr. van Bemmel receives the IMIA Medical Informatics Award of Excellence at Medinfo 2007 in Brisbane, Australia.  Dr. van Bemmel was IMIA President from 2001-2004.  His Awards talk was entitled “Reflections on Curiosity.”

(Source: Informaticopia)

Drs. Bemmel and Willems’ 1977 IFIP report on EEG analysis

(Source: Rutgers University Library)

(above) the cover and (below) Dr. Bemmel’s paper from 1985’s Medical Decision Making

(Source: Rutgers University Library)

A cover of Methods of Information in Medicine.  Dr. Gustav Wagner (below, right) and Dr. van Bemmel (below, left) were editors from 1962-1987 and 1988-2001, respectively.

(Source: Methods of Information in Medicine 6/2006)