Biomedical and Health Informatics Profile

Jan Roukens


Dr. Roukens discusses “Terminology policy in Europe”, at the 7th ELETO Conference “Helenic Language and Terminology”, 2009

(Source: youtube)

   In 1971, Dr. Roukens was the first chairman of the Dutch Society for Medical and Biological Information Processing.  In 1975, he became Moderator of IFIP-TC4 (International Federation for Information Processing - Technical Committee 4.)  Dr. Roukens was deeply involved with the transition from IFIP-TC4 into IMIA. Increasingly, medical computing became a field where the computer and medical worlds met, and IMIA was established to meet the needs of professionals from both.  Roukens was elected President.

   Dr. Roukens  studied physics and was involved in health/medical informatics R&D before joining the  European Commission in 1981. He chaired the Organizing Committe of MEDINFO 83 in Amsterdam.  For the EC he administered ITC R&D programmes and subsequently developed language-programmes such as the multilingual information society programme in 1996.

(Sources: ELETO, 2009; “Bridging to New Worlds”, M. Ball, 1995; “IMIA: Coalescing Medical Informatics Worldwide for 40 Years, Kulikowski, 2007)

Portions of the original AMIA informational brouchure, 1979.


Dr. Roukens presents “Towards a Linguistic World Order” at the European Association for Terminology (EAFT) Summit in Brussels, November 2006