Biomedical and Health Informatics Profile

Gustav Wagner


Dr. Wagner at the 2003 dinner celebrating 50 years of “Methods in Information in Medicine”

(Source: Jan van Bemmel)

Dr. Gustav Wagner was an editor from 1959 of a journal for medical documentation, and then a founder and for a quarter of a century the editor of the  influential journal “Methods of Information in Medicine” (beginning in 1962 - originally in German, but from 1969, in English.)  “Methods” was designated as the first official journal of IMIA, and publication continues to this day.  Dr. Wagner’s work on patient record organization was pioneering and foundational for the field of computer-based documentation in medicine.

(Sources: Methods, IMIA)

Cover of the first issue of “Methods”
(Source: Jan van Bemmel)

Editors of “Methods of Information in Medicine” at the gathering in 2003:  from left to right Jan van Bemmel (editor), Gustav Wagner (founder, editor), Alexa McCray(editor), Dieter Bergemann (publisher), Reinhold Haux (editor)

(Source: Jan van Bemmel)