Biomedical and Health Informatics Profile

François Grémy


Dr. Grémy gives a lecture in 2009 called “Flight over a cuckoo's nest: ethics in epidemiology”


Dr. Grémy coined the term “medical informatics” in 1962.  He was the first chairman and moderator of “Technical Committee 4” of the International Federation for Information Processing in 1967-1975.  This was the first forum for what became medical informatics, and Grémy is considered the first president of IMIA, its independent descendant.

   With expertise in biophysics, mathematics, statistics in addition to his medical degree, Dr. Grémy has been able to synthesize innovative methods for informatics theory, public health, and hospital management.  He also is a major force in the discussion of ethics in biomedicine.

(Sources: Methods of Information in Medicine, AMIA, IREB)

At MEDINFO 2004, François Grémy is joined by (L to R) Hans Peterson, Marion Ball, Otto Reinhoff, David Shires and KC Lun.  Grémy was awarded the first IMIA/UMIT Medical Informatics Award of Excellence.

(Source: KC Lun)

Dr. Grémy chairs an IFIP-TC4 -- the immediate predecessor of IMIA --  conference in 1970

(Source: IMIA)

Cover from IFIP TC4’s Report Education in Informatics of health personnel , from 1974

(Source: Rutgers University Library)

Dr. Gremy in 1993, upon receiving an Honorary Doctorate in Medical Informatics -- the first in the world -- from the University of Louvain.

(Source: IMIA Newsletter, August, 1993)