Biomedical and Health Informatics Profile

Donald Lindberg

Gary D. Byrd (left) Dr. Lindberg, and Rolf Schafer  at the 175th Anniversary celebrations for NLM, Minneapolis, May 2011
(Source: Rolf Schafer,International Library Assoc.)

  In 1984, Dr. Lindberg was named Director of the National Library of Medicine, and has directed its expansion in size, scope and technical abilities. 

(Source: National Library of Medicine)

l-to-r at IFIP TC4 Conference in Amsterdam, 1977: C. Atsumi (Japan), M. Abrahams (UK), A. Kitov (USSR), D. Lindberg (USA)


Written in 2005 with Dr. Betsy Humphreys, Dr. Lindberg’s article looked to the future and examined the need for not only libraries of medical information to be able to change with new types of data and interpretation, but new medical librarians to be able to rationalize presentation and interpretation of that data.

(Source: Massachusetts Medical Society.)

From 1977’s Hospital Computer Systems

(Source: Rutgers University Library)

(above) cover and (below) first page of forward-looking chapter of Dr. Lindberg’s 1968 The Computer and Medical Care

(Source: Rutgers University Library)

Cover page of 1974’s Computers in Life Science Research.

(Source: Rutgers University Library)

Cover of UMLS, 1997.

(Source: google books)