Biomedical and Health Informatics Profile

Branko Cesnik


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Dr. Cesnik co-founded the Asia-Pacific Association for Medical Informatics

( in 1994, and was its second President from 1997-2000.  He also was a founding member of the Australasian College of Health Informatics

( in 1991.

The Health Informatics Society of Australian (HISA) yearly presents the Best Scientific Paper and Best Student Paper award named in Honor of Dr. Cesnik to “recognize his work and give life to further developments in health informatics in Australia”

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Branko Cesnik was an Australian pioneer and an international leader in Health Informatics, which is the use of information management and information technology to support improvements in the quality and safety of health care. Health informatics was the basis of Branko’s academic work and his major contribution to research and to the world’s medical knowledge.

   Branko graduated as a doctor from Monash University. Following his graduation he worked in training posts in accident and emergency medicine and renal medicine in Australia before spending time working in South Africa. During his early years following graduation he began to appreciate the potential significant impact that new technologies, especially computers, could have on the quality of health care delivery and on the education of doctors and other health care professionals and the general public.

   In addition to his clinical and academic work, he served as a member of the National Health Information Group which shaped the development of electronic health record systems in the states and territories of Australia.

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