Biomedical and Health Informatics Profile

Antoine Geissbühler


Reinhold Haux (r)  with Dr. Geissbühler, MEDINFO 2010


Drs. Antoine Geissbühler, Donald Detmer, Reinhold Haux, Alvarado Margolis, and William Hersh at the IMIA Education Working Group Meeting in Buenos Aires in October, 2008

(Source: Dr. William Hersh - (

Dr. Geissbühler was chairman of the Scientific Program Committee of “Mednet2003”, the 8th World Congress on the Internet in Medicine in Geneva, Switzerland.


Sample screen of the Vanderbilt University WizOrder Medical Care Provider Order Entry (CPOE) system.  Dr. Geissbühler wrote the original system while at Vanderbilt in the late 1990s.


Dr. Geissbühler has been co-editor with Dr. Casimir Kulikowski of the IMIA Yearbook since 2007.

(Source: Schattauer Publishing)

Dr. Geissbühler is the Director of the RAFT network, which seeks to connect care providers in Africa with the expertise they need.