ACMI Winter Symposiums (click for Animated version html5, mp4, iphone, 3gp, avi, qt.)
1993Coronado Island, CA
1994St. Petersburg, FL
1995Tuscon, AZ
1996Lake Buena Vista, FL
1997Palm Springs, CA
1998St. Petersburg, FL
1999Tuscon, AZ
2000Marco Island, FL
2001La Jolla, The 'Business' of Informatics in the 21st Century
2002Palm Springs, CA
2003Fort Lauderdale, FL
2004San Diego, CADefine a Workable Strategy to Stimulate Widespread Adoption of
Electronic Health Records in the United States
2005Key West, FL
2006Phoenix, AZ
2007Miami, FL
2008San Diego, CA
2009St. Pete's Beach, FLPersonalized Healthcare
2010Tuscon, AZ
2011Bonita Springs, FLHealthcare Economics, HIT, and Informatics
2012Del Mar, CaliforniaInformatics Challenges and Solutions for Capturing, Taming,
and Analyzing the Data Tsunami